Course Evaluations

UCSF Graduate Division course evaluation is performed using the “What Do You Think” (WDYT) system from CollegeNET. This cloud-based system was adopted initially during the Fall 2017 term. It is administered for the campus by the Graduate Division. The system dynamically creates evaluations for students to complete in real time and is comprised of different question sets depending on course characteristics. Evaluation questions are supplied by the program administrator of each program.

Question Sets

The question structure for all evaluations is as follows:

  1. Institution Questions
  2. Program Questions
  3. Course-specific Questions
  4. Instructor Questions

Institution Question Set

An institution question set was developed by the Graduate Division and is used on all evaluations across all programs.  This set consists of the five questions below:

Program Defined Question Sets

Roughly 70% to 80% of the question sets are based on the Program, Department, or Subject of a course. Likewise, those units make the decisions on the bulk of the questions to ask. Programs or subject groups may decide to include additional question sets, or not. Some have used other characteristics such as type (lab, lec, sem, etc.), course number, or level (eg. all BIOE or all 400-level courses) to define question sets.  Ideally, this common question set is asked across all courses which are under purview of that program.

Course-Specific Question Sets

This question set pertains directly to the course being evaluated.  It differs from the program set in that these questions are not asked across many courses.  These questions are beneficial when you are wanting to collect specific information about a course.

Instructor Defined Question Sets

All instructors are able to create extra questions (up to four) of their own to ask of a single class or many of their classes. Instructors use this to ask pedagogical or outcome-specific questions. Instructors are notified that they can add their own questions approximately 10 days before the evaluation period opens.

NOTE: The UCSF course tracking system allows room for only the instructor of record.  If there are multiple instructors that need to be evaluated (all must have MyAccess credentials), please have your program administrator send these instructor's names and email addresses as part of their course evaluation packet that they send to the Graduate Division.