How can we help you?

Faculty and program admins may call on the following individuals in the Graduate Division for help with the issues given.

Nicquet Blake, Graduate Dean and Vice Provost, Student Academic Affairs
email [email protected]

  • Oversight and administration of graduate programs and postdoctoral scholars
  • Proposals for new initiatives or collaborations within UCSF or between UCSF and other entities
  • Fundraising, development opportunities, and alumni relations
  • Faculty development
  • New graduate program development or changes to existing programs
  • Academic program review
  • Graduate Council
  • Students who may be having academic difficulties; conflicts in the lab or classroom
  • Summer Research Training Program, especially application review and mentoring guidelines
  • NIGMS IMSD program, especially program development and assessment
  • Institutional data reporting and analysis

Annabelle de la Rosa, Graduate Student Financial Analyst
ph 415/476-8319, email [email protected]

  • Annual return-to-aid (RTA), Discovery, and Anthony allocations
  • Internal fellowships and extramural fellowships
  • GSR and TA appointments; fee remission and payroll appointment policies and procedures

Veronica Nepveu, Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost and Dean
ph 415/514-2440, email [email protected]

  • General information about the Graduate Division and the Dean's Office
  • To make an appointment with the dean

Office for Postdoctoral Scholars
email [email protected] 

The position of assistant dean for postdoctoral scholars is currently open. In the interim period, please contact [email protected] for any postdoc-related matters.

  • Postdoc policies and exceptions
  • Postdocs who may be struggling; conflicts in the lab

(The Office for Postdoctoral Scholars also has its own website.)

D'Anne Duncan, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Learner Success
ph 415/476-3036, email [email protected]

  • Responsible for Graduate Division’s diversity, equity, and inclusion and student success programs (UCSF’s IMSD Fellows and Affiliates Program; First Generation to College Graduate Student Programs) 
  • Inquiries about new courses, initiatives and professional development programs related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in Graduate Division 
  • Climate assessment for graduate students and associated data reporting and analysis 
  • Provides support for and answers questions about Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship and other diversity-related fellowships
  • Collaborative support for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, as part of the Graduate Faculty Mentor Development Program 
  • Diversity and outreach efforts

Zachary Smith, Diversity and Outreach Program Manager
ph 415/514-3510, email [email protected]

  • Manages Graduate Division’s diversity and student success programs (UCSF’s IMSD Fellows and Affiliates Program; First Generation to College Graduate Student Programs) 
  • Questions about Graduate Division’s outreach programs (SACNAS and ABRCMS National Conferences, Summer Research Training Program, UC LEADS, Inside UCSF) 
  • Inquiries about new community building and diversity, equity, and inclusion-related activities for summer undergraduates and graduate students

Christian Sweatt, Student Services Advisor 
ph 415/476-3311, email [email protected]

  • APM430 Visiting Scholar Processing
  • Exceptional cases in regard to academic progression
  • Graduate student progression forms processing
  • Support in using the Graduate application system
  • Support in using the What-Do-You-Think course evaluation system

Erik Rotman, Communications Coordinator
ph 415/514-4858, email [email protected]

  • Questions or suggestions related to websites under the Graduate Division's purview, including this site
  • Sharing news or announcements with the student or postdoc communities
  • Information about the Discovery Fellows Program or related events
  • Information about the Grad Slam and Postdoc Slam competitions at UCSF